Nashville Automobile Accident Attorney Studies A Distracted Driver Roadway Departure Crash

A curvy road and a speeding driver can make a dangerous situation, as it did for a Nashville woman Tuesday night around 7 PM in Antioch. News reports of the accident are sketchy, as is the usual case in these kinds of accidents, but I would bet there was another factor at play here. The other factor I’m referring to is driver distraction. Something was taking this woman’s attention away from the task at hand. She was hospitalized in Critical condition. My prayers go out to this young lady, prayers for a speedy recovery.

Driver inattention is the leading factor in most crashes. Nearly 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes involved some form of driver inattention within three seconds before the event. Primary causes of driver inattention are distracting activities, such as cell phone use, and drowsiness. Investigators will most probably review her cell phone records and find that she was engaged in a conversation with someone.

As an experienced Nashville automobile accident attorney we know that these crashes are referred to as “Roadway Departure Crashes” (RDCs). The Federal Highway Administration defines a RDC as a non-intersection crash that occurs when a vehicle crosses an edge line or a centerline, or otherwise leaves the traveled way.

According to the Federal Highway Administration roadway departure crashes are frequently severe and account for the majority of highway fatalities. In 2008, there were 19,794 fatal roadway departure crashes resulting in 22,080 fatalities, which was 53 percent of the fatal crashes in the United States.

If you or a loved one are involved in a Tennessee automobile accident caused by a distracted driver contact the experienced Nashville automobile accident attorneys to find out about your rights and remedies.

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